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TYPO3 Surfcamp 2025

Fostering the next generation of TYPO3 enthusiasts

Dive into TYPO3 Surfcamp, a thrilling one-week adventure for the next generation of TYPO3 enthusiasts! Join a vibrant mix of participants from all backgrounds to learn, create, and connect. With fun workshops, hands-on projects, and exciting surf sessions, you'll level up your TYPO3 skills while making new friends and conquering the waves. Experience the perfect blend of learning and camaraderie in a supportive and inclusive environment. Leave Surfcamp inspired, connected, and ready to rock the TYPO3 world!

**Registration for 2025 opens soon!**

Be part of it: Registration for 2025 opens soon!

Thank you for everyone who took part in the first ever edition of TYPO3 Surfcamp in 2024. We are truly delighted to see all the new connections having been formed in the means of this first “trial run” and we are more than happy to announce, that TYPO3 Surfcamp will return in 2025. 

So: If you are interested in getting to your peers from the TYPO3 Community and have a background in backend or frontend development, design / UX, marketing or project management make sure to take your chance and apply for one of the 30 coveted spots. Please make sure to read up on the application rules beforehand!

Make sure to follow this website and all official TYPO3 social media channels closely to receive the news for when registration opens!

Find out everything you need about TYPO3 Surfcamp

The Concept

TYPO3 Surfcamp is exclusively designed for TYPO3 enthusiasts aged 30 or younger, who come from diverse backgrounds such as PHP programming, frontend development, design, UX, or project management. It doesn't matter if you are a semi-professional or an enthusiastic beginner - as long as you have a passion for coding and a desire to learn and grow, you're welcome to join us!

The Rules

Do you want to know whether you are eligible to join TYPO3 Surfcamp? By signing up for and participating in TYPO3 Surfcamp, you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for yourself and your fellow participants. Let's come together to code, surf, and learn in the enchanting setting of Fuerteventura!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we set up an age limit? Who covers my travel expenses? Do I have to partake in the surfing lessons?

Please check out or FAQ page where we answer most (if not all) questions that might arise during registration for TYPO3 Surfcamp. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via