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The TYPO3 Surfcamp for employers

Support the future of TYPO3

Foster Open Source innovation and empower young professionals

Provide your young professionals (18-30 years) with a unique opportunity to enhance their skills in PHP, frontend development, design, UX, marketing and project management. During this 7-day coding adventure, participants will contribute to TYPO3 under the guidance of experienced mentors from the TYPO3 core team and community. The TYPO3 Surfcamp combines professional development and team-building experiences. By supporting your team’s participation, your company can harness the power of advanced TYPO3 knowledge, collaboration, and networking opportunities.

**Application opens up soon**

Take part in shaping the future of TYPO3 CMS

Contribute to the ongoing improvement and advancement of the TYPO3 CMS. By participating in the TYPO3 Surfcamp 2025, your company helps ensure TYPO3 remains our favorite CMS, continuously evolving to meet the needs of developers and users. This involvement not only enhances the software but also positions your organization as a key player in the open source community.

Develop young talents

Invest in the growth and skills of your young professionals by supporting their participation in the TYPO3 Surfcamp. This event provides a platform for learning and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. By nurturing the next generation of TYPO3 experts and innovators, your company helps secure a skilled workforce for the future. 

Enhance company representation

Showcase your company’s commitment to TYPO3 and innovation by participating in the TYPO3 Surfcamp. Position your organization as one dedicated to fostering the growth and development of young professionals. This involvement enhances your corporate reputation and demonstrates your support for not only the TYPO3 Community but also for continuous improvement and technological advancement.

How can my employees participate?

This event represents a unique opportunity for your employees to learn, share experiences, and forge lasting connections with fellow developers in a fun and engaging surf environment. By sending your team, you'll be investing in their professional growth and fostering stronger bonds within your organization.

If your employees meet the application criteria, they must apply for a place at the Surfcamp. 

Here is where you find additional information regarding ticket purchases and event specifics. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via

Invest in the future of your company and the TYPO3 community.