7-14 April 2024, Fuerteventura
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TYPO3 Surfcamp Fuerteventura - FAQ

Applicants will receive notification via email in October regarding the status of their application.

The age limit of 35 is set to create a vibrant and balanced environment at TYPO3 Surfcamp Fuerteventura. We recognize the immense value of age diversity in teams and the broader tech community. By inviting participants primarily under the age of 35, we aim to bridge the gap between experience and fresh perspectives we are currently seeing in the community as a whole.

In the TYPO3 community, we have noticed that a significant portion of active participants is above the age of 35. While their expertise is invaluable, we also acknowledge the importance of including younger generations who bring innovative ideas and contemporary approaches to the table. By fostering age diversity, we create a collaborative space where seasoned professionals and emerging talents can interact, learn from each other, and collectively contribute to the TYPO3 ecosystem. With the TYPO3 Surfcamp we want to reach out to the younger members of our community and create an event that fosters lasting connections for the next decades of success of TYPO3.

By nurturing a multi-generational community, we ensure that TYPO3 remains relevant, adaptable, and continues to evolve. Embracing age diversity enhances our capacity for creative problem-solving, encourages cross-generational knowledge sharing, and supports the sustainability of the TYPO3 project.

For those over 35, we encourage participation in other TYPO3 events that align with different themes. Consider attending TYPO3 Developer Days for in-depth technical discussions or exploring events like T3Board for a sports-oriented experience. If you're passionate about organizing an event, we welcome you to gather like-minded individuals and create your own TYPO3 community event. Your experience and expertise are essential in nurturing a holistic TYPO3 community.

Recognizing the environmental impact of air travel, we are taking steps to mitigate our carbon footprint. We will partner with a carbon offsetting service to compensate for CO2 emissions resulting from participants' flights to TYPO3 Surfcamp Fuerteventura. 

Certainly. While optional morning surfing lessons are available, participation is not mandatory. We understand that participants have varying interests and preferences.

No, the event welcomes a diverse range of participants including PHP programmers, frontend developers, designers, UX experts, and project managers.

Absolutely. Beyond coding and learning, TYPO3 Surfcamp Fuerteventura encourages building connections. We host networking events, social gatherings, and occasions for participants to interact and share insights.

Mentors at the event are committed to helping participants explore ongoing opportunities within the TYPO3 community. They will guide you in finding ways to contribute, collaborate, and make your involvement a lasting one, ensuring that the skills and connections gained at the TYPO3 Surfcamp continue to thrive.

Selected participants will be contacted by a mentor to help them prepare. Coders, for example, will be advised on setting up their development environment, including IDE and repositories. This ensures a seamless start to the event, allowing participants to dive into collaborative projects right away.

Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, including flights, buses, or other transportation to and from TYPO3 Surfcamp Fuerteventura. The event registration fee covers lodging and meals during the 7-day event.