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Recap: TYPO3 Surfcamp 2024

7-14 April 2024

The first ever TYPO3 Surfcamp for young professionals in Fuerteventura

From 7-14 April 2024, 30 young professionals from diverse backgrounds joined on their journey to the beautiful beaches of La Pared, Fuerteventura for a week of Surf & Code. The goal was simple: Gathering young enthusiasts from the TYPO3 ecosystem to bring them together and foster the next generation of TYPO3. 

What started out as a simple idea to help young people from the ecosystem to get together, form connections and bring them closer to TYPO3 core came out to be an entire week of breathtaking scenery, productive coding sessions, lots of networking and fun in the sun. 

Impressions from TYPO3 Surfcamp 2024

What did the participants say about Surfcamp 2024?

Coding in Paradise / Thinking about Sets (EN)

By Lisa-Maria Schedlberger & Julia Gruber

TYPO3 Surfcamp is a rather unique form of training that stands out distinctly from typical web development conferences and seminars. We spent a week in Fuerteventura with 30 other young developers from nine countries across Europe. We all relished the opportunity to get to know the TYPO3 community, delve into the world of surfing, and, most importantly, actively contribute to a future feature of TYPO3 v13.

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Unser Team macht Wellen in der TYPO3 Community (DE)

By Cyrill Gsell

Man muss sich vorstellen: Sonne, Strand und eine Horde junge TYPO3-Begeisterte. Das ist das Rezept für das TYPO3 Surf Camp in Fuerteventura, an dem unser Entwickler Cyrill teilgenommen hat. Eine perfekte Mischung aus Arbeit und Vergnügen, bei der auch das Networking nicht zu kurz kam.

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TYPO3 Surf & Code – A Recap (EN)

By Luisa Sofie Faßbender

What do coding, beaches, surf lessons and around 30 TYPO3 enthusiasts have in common? At first glance not too much, right? At second glance however, these factors, when thrown together, create a surprisingly perfect, future-proof synergy. Sounds weird? It’s not.

Let me tell you about the first ever #TYPO3 Surfcamp.

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Interview with Oliver Bartsch

For April's episode of Inside TYPO3 – the official TYPO3 podcast, Luisa sat down with core developer Oli Bartsch to find out about version 13.

Thank you to all our participants in 2024!

Without you, TYPO3 Surfcamp 2024 wouldn't have been the same experience. Thank you for being part of the future of TYPO3!

  • Alex Pentsko, Digital Zombies Kft.
  • Ana Mitrovic, KM2 >> GmbH
  • André Buchmann
  • Andreas Kienast, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Andreas Nedbal, in2code GmbH
  • Arber Sala, contenance GmbH
  • Benjamin Franzke, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Benjamin Kott, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Benni Mack, b13 GmbH
  • Cyrill Gsell, RTP GmbH
  • David Bonhagen, FULLHAUS GmbH
  • David Ferró, Digital Zombies Kft.
  • Felix Pachowsky, team neusta
  • Filippos Karpouchtsis, GMK GmbH & Co. KG
  • Fjora Hodo, contenance GmbH
  • George Todea, queo GmbH
  • Joeline Bersch, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Julia Gruber, Studio Mitte Digital Media GmbH
  • Julia Miller, HDNET GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kai Grosz, rocket-media GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kirk Kleinau, KM2 >> GmbH
  • Konstandina Greco, contenance GmbH
  • Lisa Kreitz, queo GmbH
  • Lisa-Maria Schedlberger, Studio Mitte Digital Media GmbH
  • Luisa Sofie Faßbender, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Lukasz Uznanski, Macopedia
  • Marvi Mara, contenance GmbH
  • Myrna Gönnemann, KM2 >> GmbH
  • Nadja Neb, contenance GmbH
  • Natascha Klein, HDNET GmbH & Co. KG
  • Oliver Bartsch, b13 GmbH
  • Oliver Hader, TYPO3 GmbH
  • Rafal Pyska, Macopedia
  • Sandra Erbel, analog digitalagentur
  • Susi Moog, team neusta
  • Vanessa Marcinczak, KM2 >> GmbH